Adopt, Don't Shop-Find Your Furry Friend at Port City Cat Rescue Near Shreveport

Adopt, Don't Shop-Find Your Furry Friend at Port City Cat Rescue Near Shreveport

It's so easy to adopt a pet in Bossier City, LA

Port City Cat Rescue isn't your average pet adoption center. Think of us as a kitty matchmaking service in Bossier City, LA. We take the time to get to know each of our cats and their prospective pet parents. That way we can match you to kitties with the right purr-sonality.

Our kitties are altered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. While we try to find fur-ever homes for all of our cats, we understand that things might not work out. Just return your kitty to us so we can find him or her another loving home.

To adopt a pet from Port City Cat Rescue, all you have to do is...

  • Tell us about your lifestyle, and if you've got kids or other pets at home.
  • Tell us if you prefer a reserved or an outgoing kitten or adult cat.
  • Play with the kitties at our no-kill, cage-free shelter in Bossier City, LA.

You can also meet our kitties at the adoption centers at Petco and Petsmart in Shreveport.

Adopting from Port City Cat Rescue

Why adopt?

Adopting a cat from Port City Cat Rescue means you have a friend for life. Choosing to adopt a cat from a rescue also means that you provide a home for one of our cats and open a space in our shelter for a cat still waiting in a high-kill municipal shelter. All our cats are already fully vetted and microchipped, and the volunteers at PCCR get to know each of the cats in our care, so we can work to match you with a cat whose personality suits your family and lifestyle.

After adopting

After adopting, our volunteers are staff are available for continued support and to answer your questions about caring for your cat! To ensure you and your cat are having a great experience, we may call or email you to open the lines of communication and answer any questions that may have come up in the first few weeks of owning your new cat. Though our cats are already fully vetted before being placed for adoption, it is recommended that you take your cat in for a well-visit soon after adoption.

Adoption FAQs

Will I be required to fill out an application?

Yes. Adopters fill out an application prior to taking home a cat. This application is meant to ensure that you are aware of the responsibility of owning a pet, that you have a veterinarian that you do or will use for your cat, and that you will be most likely be able to keep the pet for its lifespan.

Is there a waiting period?

Same-day adoptions are common at Port City Cat Rescue. This is not a 100% guarantee, but this is typical for our rescue.

Can you "hold" a cat for me?

We can "hold" a cat for no more than 24 hours. Even with an approved application and a payment submitted, we cannot hold cats for longer than that time period. Cats held in the adoption centers of Petco and Petsmart cannot be guaranteed to be "on hold" for any period of time. Because multiple staff members handle adoptions and staff shift changes are frequent, we cannot reliably ensure that everyone is aware that a cat is "on hold." When adopting from a Petsmart or Petco, we recommend you pick up your adopted cat ASAP.

Why am I required to agree that my cat will be indoor-only?

Feral/Community cats that you see running around your neighborhood are well-suited for an outdoor life and have been naturally selected for survival instincts and learned from an early age how to find food and shelter and how to defend themselves. The cats available for adoption from us are indoor, domestic cats that have been trained to find food ( their bowls), water (....also in their bowls), shelter ( cardboard boxes), and to defend themselves (....from excessive cuddling). They are not equipped for an outdoor lifestyle and would likely get lost, hurt, sick, or worse if allowed to be outdoors unsupervised. If your cat is longing to get in touch with his jungle cat roots, screened patios and leashed walks (yes, leashed walks are doable as long as you accept that your cat chooses the pace and the destination) are a great way to get your cat out in the fresh air.

What if I already have pets?

Awesome! Cats can co-exist happily with other pets including dogs and cats and, in the case of one of our alumni, a really big rabbit. Cats can be divas and typically require slow introductions to other furry household members, so please understand this, be patient, and follow the recommended procedures when introducing a new pet. The number one reason adopters bring cats back to us after adopting is that they "weren't getting along with the other pets." These returns are often made within a few days and following an abrupt introduction to the new home and pets. The American Humane Society shares some excellent information about how to successfully ´╗┐introduce a new cat to your home.

Why should I spay or neuter my cat?

Because as cute as kittens are, the world has enough kittens!! Also, for your own sanity and the health and well-being of your pet. Female cats in heat are loud and crazy, intact males spray the walls, and intact cats of both sexes are more territorial and more likely to run away. Many of the cats that end up at our rescue were abandoned by their previous owners due to behavioral issues that went away as soon as we had the pet fixed. And the icing on the cake: spayed pets are healthier and vulnerable to fewer illnesses. We even provide a voucher to help offset the cost of the spay/neuter procedure, so there is no good reason not to get your cat fixed!

How much does it cost to own a cat?

The annual cost of cat ownership is usually estimated to fall between $300-$1000 per year according to That is wide range, but you should be prepared to have enough additional funds to provide for their basic needs and afford veterinary care as needed. The ASPCA suggests a number of ways you can save on the cost of owning a pet.

What about declawing?

We do NOT allow our adopted cats to be declawed. We sometimes take in declawed cats, and will be happy to help you find a cat already declawed if that is what you are looking for! We do not allow declawing for several reasons. One of which is many declawed cats develop behavior problems due to the pain and from feeling defenseless. These problems can include biting, peeing outside the litter box, and aggression towards other cats and dogs. We can talk to you about alternatives to declawing such as kitty caps, scratching posts, and more.

What is your fee and refund policy?

Our fee is $80. If you adopt two at once, it's $120! We do not give refunds if an adoption doesn't work out, but will always take our cats back. It's actually a requirement that the cat is returned to us if it doesn't work out so we can find a new home.

If you have other questions not addressed here, please review information available at the ASPCA website or send us your questions via the contact form, facebook message, or by email to